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Give Up The Fight

by The Ultrasounds

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released May 22, 2010

Vocals, keyboards, and bass by Christopher Gilbert.
Vocals and drums by Sara Kay.
Guitars by Patrick Conway.
Violin on "I'm Always Right" by Mark Wallace.

"After You Close Your Eyes" and "For Elliott" produced and recorded by Tim Patalan.

"All The Things We Did Today" produced and recorded by Christopher Gilbert.

"Told You Before" produced and recorded by Sara Kay.

All other tracks produced and recorded by Brandon Wiard with additional production by Tim Patalan.

All tracks mastered by Jon Visger.

Album artwork by Joey Irizarry.

In memory of Thaddeus John Bawkon, 1985 - 2009.



all rights reserved


The Ultrasounds Chicago, Illinois

Trendy music disingenuously proclaiming the pains of being an outsider is hardly scarce. However, saying something genuine in this arena requires actual experience; The Ultrasounds have improved tirelessly over the last decade, finally arriving at a new sound both dreamy and rooted in classic pop. ... more


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Track Name: After You Close Your Eyes
You wake up to a thousand lights.
They wash out the demons in your mind.

And you never dreamt of remembering what happens after you close your eyes.

Your makeup is running down your cheeks.
It feels like we've been here for weeks.

But centuries pass before you break the glass and surrender; you open your eyes.

We are just reflected light.
Track Name: World Perks
Put your weight on a pin 'till it starts sinking in.
Now you're walking with a broken foot.

All the fair-weather fans are crying out from the stands,
"We never want it to end."

And all the federal funds for the federal guns couldn't make this all OK.

So you give up the fight, it's gonna' be alright she says,
"You have to put it away."

Said you'd give us a song but we can't play along. Didn't fit down in your scene.

Now I'm going to bed, I'm gonna' clean up my head you know,
I never want it to end.
Track Name: For Elliott
When the blue flashing frames from a TV screen,
show some shooting star out as she splits the scene.

Silhouetting the bottle that's pressed to your face.
Counting down all the time 'till the end of the day.

Faster than I could see.
Faster than you or me.

If it's true that your head was just taking up space,
then why's the ghost of your smile still haunting this place.

Would you believe what I read in the news today?
Six whole years passed since you gave a rose parade.

Faster than I could see.
Faster than you or me.

Where that cloud of smoke goes now, only you know.
Track Name: When I Saw Her
I saw the sun come shining down.
I saw your face and picked it out of the crowd.

And just one photograph of you,
maybe then I wouldn't feel so blue.

Though I knew you from before,
I saw your name and read it out of the score.

Just that photograph of you,
maybe then I wouldn't find somebody new.

I saw you leaving me.
Track Name: 1974
I think I'm ten feet tall - it's such a drag 'cause I can see
you're not a rock and roll star, you only play one on TV.

Who knows if I'll ever see you again?

Well in the darkness of a smoke-filled room you will catch the ten o' clock.
For some stupid little trick that you'd rather watch.

Who knows if I'll ever see you again?

In the darkness of a smoke-filled room.
In the darkness of a smoke-filled no reply.

Who knows if I'll ever see you again?
Who cares if I'll ever see you again?
Track Name: Life On The Wire
You wait for a fight, well he had it wrong.
And you're in for something out there; you've got to belong.

I don't know why you try to feel like you're alone.
Separate's always better when you use that tone.
Don't call me.

You look in my eyes
and out of control.
You're making me wish that I knew so much less than I already know.

Whether or not you know where I've been all along,
it seems like all my stories stay off and on.
Don't call me when you're alone.

You look for a fight, but what has gone wrong?
Because it's easier to shout than quietly move on.

I don't know why you make me feel like I'm alone. Separate's not much better when you have a phone.
Don't call me when I'm alone.
Track Name: I'm Always Right
Eighteen on the dot - you think that's a lot.
There's more to life than this, but how 'bout a kiss?

I tried and I tried to let go, but nothing showed me how to cope.
Your ways were wrong.

I wasted away by the window waiting for you. Oh, what could I do?
Your ways were wrong.
And I'm always right.
Track Name: Told You Before (Album only)
But I know I was wrong.
Told you before.
You always knew the way back.

And I'm thinking some more
if my timing was poor,
I'll miss you each time I say that.

You were happy when you left.
At least there's that.